Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shaw's Next Week

Just throwing out some stuff for next week at Shaw's.

-  Back page catalina.  Buy $10 (most likely pre-sale prices), Get $3 OYNP.  Here's what I am doing:

3 Smart Balance Butter Sticks - $2.50 ea (I have 3 $1.50/1 MFCs from the paper a few weeks ago - need to hurry - they expire 10/11)  $1 ea.
1 YoCrunch - $2.50 ($1/1 MFC from paper) $1.50

Total:  $4.50
Earn:  $3.00 OYNP

I probably don't have to get the yogurt (the PSP on the butter is $4.39) - but I want to try it anyways.

-  Trop50 - On sale for $2.50.  Were $1/1 MFCs in the paper for this.  Making a carton $1.50. 

-  Mars Halloween Candy - $2 a bag.  $1/2 MFCs in the paper two weeks ago.  Making each bag $1.50. 

-  Chicken Lobster is $4.99/lbs.  There is a coupon on the Shaw's website for additional money off (not up yet so I have no idea what the coupon is for). 

-  Wonder Bread - BOGO Free.  .55/1 MFCs in the paper a while ago (these expire 10/14)

-  Kleenex is B2G2 Free.  There were $1/2 MFCs in the paper as well as $1/4 MFCs.  Use either one $1/4 or 2 $1/2s to get these pretty cheap. 

-  Lean Cuisines - $2 ea.  $1/3 MFCs in the paper two weeks ago. 

-  It's a good time to have morning sickness - Saltines are BOGO Free.

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