Monday, October 12, 2009

Hannaford's Catalina on Hannaford Brand Products!

Now through October 31st, for every 4 Hannaford brand products you buy, you'll get a coupon for $1 off your next purchase!  Up to $10!  Click on that link there for details.  On the surface, this doesn't look like a really great deal - but if you buy a lot of yogurts or generics in general, well hey, it's free money that you wouldn't have otherwise!  Besides cups of yogurts, I'm not really sure what other good products would be a good deal (because in theory, it's only .25 cents off an item...)

Many thanks to my friend Christine who told me about this!  She shops Hannaford's often.  If you have any tips like this, feel free to visit my fan page on Facebook and share or email me at BBinNewEngland (at) gmail (dot) com. 

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Melissa M said...

Hi Becky! I was in Hannaford tonight when I noticed this deal. I got canned veggies, which I like to keep for emencies, etc. Hannaford brand was $0.58 x 4= $2.32 so I figure after getting $1 on my next purchase it is basically like getting 4 cans of veggies for $1.32. The yogurts were cheap too, 44 or 48 cents I think. If there are things you normally buy there and they are also on sale this week it is not a bad deal either (Hannaford onions, Hannaford split chicken, Hannaford juices, etc.). I don't even know what I did other than the corn b/c I wasn't trying and earned $3 on my next purchase (maybe the smart option ice creams? are they Hannafords brand also)?