Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Fill The Food Pantry" Shaw's CAT - Day 6

2 more rounds today.  Not good ones for the food pantry.  My only contribution today was 6 bags of Chex Mix.  My coupons are practically gone.  I have printed all the good ones.  Sadly, I might not go back tomorrow.  I could do some Progresso Soup.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Trip 1 - Started with a $10 CAT

Total Before Savings:  $25.70
Total Preferred Savings:  $9.03
Total Coupons Used:  $13.80
Cash OOP:  $2.87
OYNP Earned:  $14.00

4 bags of Chex Mix - PSP $2.69, Sale $1.67 (2 .50/2 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.17 ea
6 Grands Biscuits - PSP $2.49, Sale $1.67 (3 .30/2 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.37 ea

Trip 2 - Started with a $10 CAT

Total Before Savings:  $31.70
Total Preferred Savings:  $13.50
Total Coupons Used:  $15.20
Cash OOP:  $3.00
OYNP Earned:  $14.00 
2 loaves of Wonder Whole Wheat White - BOGO @ $3.19

2 Chex Mix - PSP $2.69, Sale $1.67 (.50/2 MFC DOUBLES) $1.17 ea
2 Simply Cookies - PSP $3.99, Sale $2.50 (2 .55/1 MFC DOUBLE) $1.40 ea
4 Crescent Rolls - PSP $2.99 ea, Sale $1.67 ea (2 .50/2 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.17 ea

This Week's Shaw's Summary:

PSP: $518.92
Cash OOP: $61.29
Cats in Wallet: $18.00
Net: $43.29

Total aside for Food Pantry: 10 cans of soup, 8 boxes of broth, 25 boxes of cereal, 11 boxes of granola bars, 6 boxes of potatoes, 5 packages of cookie mix, 6 Warm Delights, 11 packages of Chex Mix.  Since I only added 6 more bags of Chex Mix, the picture doesn't look that much different than yesterday.
Here's another alternative take on this crazy shopping of mine.  Yes, I have put away a lot for my local food pantry.  But I have also banked a lot too. I have a gazillion yogurts.  I have gotten my basic essentials (eggs, bread, meat, etc.) too.  Here's some proof:

This is my freezer.  It's not organized very well.  But it's full of frozen vegetables, pie crusts and cookie dough (13 packs of cookie dough to be exact!)  Bring on the holidays!  I am prepared!.

It should be illegal to have your produce drawer full of Pillsbury refridgerated dough products like this.  I have 25 containers of crescent rolls, Grands and cinnamon buns.  We already ate 2 containers of crescent rolls. Aye Carumba!  If you have a stockpile of crescent rolls, check out the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Recipe Webpage.  There's like 150 recipes for these bad boys!


Tanya said...

That is a TON of Pillsbury items :)

Cassie said...

That's so nice to hear that you give alot of your stockpile to the food pantry! And it seems you do have a ton of stuff saved for yourself as well, which is just great!

Thanks for the Pillsbury link! I get those cresent rolls free with coupons all the time and was wondering what I could make with them. You know, BESIDES cresent rolls. :P