Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This a Great Week to Shop Kohl's!

I have to say, starting today and running until next Tuesday, it's a great time to shop Kohl's! Why?

Well if you are a Kohl's card holder, you should have gotten a 20%, 25%, or 30% coupon mailed to you (I got 30%!). This % off is good on just about every single thing in the store! So everything that is on sale, you get an additional 30% off or whatever you get.

Secondly, they are doing their Kohl's cash - for every $50 you spend you get $10 off a future purchase - there is no minimum purchase to use Kohl's cash!

So grab your Kohl's card and head on over! I already did - I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done already.


MaryAnne said...

Thanks for the reminder - I love Kohl's because of sales like this!

Although, I've noticed that they mark up the prices on basics during these big sales (and the checkout person I mentioned this to agreed with me...)

Bargain Becky said...

Yes, I have to agree that - and obviously their reg. prices on EVERYTHING are absolutely outrageous - but it's still a great store. This particular sale is very much like the after Thanksgiving sale! Sale prices, + Kohl's Cash + Kohl's Credit Card Coupon = Great times!

Celeste said...

So this post got me to actually sign up for a Kohl's card. I had wanted to because I always see great deals for cardmembers but never got around to it. I applied online, got my card, picked out 2 pair of maternity pants, a maternity sweater and a 2 pack of crib sheets. My total was $103. I used a coupon code ' save30 ' which took 30 percent off my order (only works for card holders) and placed the order. After I placed the order I realized I was charged $14.95 for shipping. I thought shipping was free for orders over $75 and realized the 30% had brought me to $72 (gah!!). I called the customer service and they told me because I was so close to $75 that they would CREDIT ME THE $14.95! So I got all my loot for $72.95! Great customer service Kohls!

Bargain Becky said...

Great service on Kohl's part!! I seriously do think I make out like a bandit there on certain sales!

For instance, yesterday, I spent $160 - but I saved $295! $70 of that was because of my 30% off coupon! AND, I have $30 in Kohl's Cash to use on a future purchase!

I now have Christmas gifts for 4 people, 2 toys for the kids (Christmas), PLUS, I got myself a new pair of Adidas sneakers, 5 new tops, and a table cloth.

The best part of is that you can enter TWO coupon codes! So if you have one for free shipping and say 20% off, you can use BOTH! How cool is that?