Friday, September 18, 2009

Highlights from the Farmer's Market!

I went to the Quincy Center Farmer's Market today. It was good. Figured I'd highlight some of the benefits of it:
- Ginger Betty's had a booth! The sold wicked cute cookies and other things.

- Flower lady was there. Had some great 8" or 10" (I think 8" but not sure) mums for 2/$10. A great price - comparable to that of the mums at Stop & Shop and Shaw's. She had these HUGE mum plants for $25. If I were rich, I would have bought them and put them on my porch.

- They sell lobsters there! A local fisherman's wife from Hull sets up and sells lobster every week. Prices were $4.99/lbs for chicken (1 lbs - but they were all out). $5.99/lbs for 1 1/4 pounders and $6.99/lbs for 1 1/2 pounders. Very similar pricing of the grocery store. They are also at the Weymouth and Hingham markets on Saturdays.

- There was a "chicken" in a cage. My son kept calling it "chicken." The man at the fresh egg booth sternly corrected him and said it was a "rooster." I'm not good at identifying poultry and I apologize for our lack of poultry knowledge. They sold fresh eggs there. I didn't catch the price.

- Great selection. I was really impressed with the vegetable selection. I ended up leaving with 6 ears of corn and a pound of green beans. I don't really like green beans. I like them raw but cooked green beans make me want to gag. I ate a bunch on the way home (yeah, I didn't wash them but I was hungry. I'm gross.) and I think they were really good. $2/lbs seemed really good. There are a lot of beans in a pound!

- Fresh honey table. There was a table with fresh honey. I'm not really a honey person, but some people are!

- Prices. Now this is probably what most people care most about who are reading this. Overall, I didn't think the prices were too crazy. I guess it really depends on the product though. Corn was $3 for 6 ears. Sort of expensive but I think corn is on it's way out. I haven't tried the corn yet so I'm not sure yet if it's good. Tomatoes were roughly $2.50/lbs. That's a pretty good price - they are around $1.79 or $1.99/lbs at the grocery store. Pints of cherry tomatoes were $3. Things like blueberries and raspberries were $4.50/pint - which I think is probably around what they are going for in the grocery store too. That's too expensive for my blood. They had a bunch of great fall produce too - lots of squashes (butternut, acorn, etc.).

- There were a bunch of other booths too. One was actually certified organic. I didn't stop by that one. Not sure how the prices compare. Oh! I got a sample of some fresh cranberry apple crisp. It was extremely delicious. I wanted to make it - it was so good.

Overall, I thought it was really nice. I've never been to the Quincy Center one before. I've checked out the Waltham one, Government Center, the Boston South End one, Hingham one, and a Newton one in the past. It was actually kind of nice to go out there and walk around for a little bit. We were on our way home from a playground and figured we'd stop. Spent $5 for corn and green beans.

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