Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Shaw's Scenario

Total Before Savings: $89.17
Total Preferred Savings: $20.85
Total Coupons Used: $52.00 ($35 OYNP)
Total Recycling: $4.70
Cash OOP: $11.62
OYNP Earned: $35.00

I didn't get to go to Shaw's yesterday because my 3 year-old was sick when he woke up from his nap. But he's bright and chipper today! Off to Shaw's we went. I'll upload the picture later this afternoon.

P&G Scenario
1 Bounty - Reg. $13.29, Sale $9.99 ($1/1 MFC from P&G Year of Savings) $8.99
1 Charmin - Reg. $8.49, Sale $6.99 ($1/1 MFC from P&G Year of Savings) $5.99

PSP: $21.38
OOP: $14.98
OYNP Earned: $5
Net: $9.98

GM $60/$30
9 Knorr Sides - Reg. $16.11, Sale $9.00, (3 $1/3 MFCs from Paper) $6.00
6 BC Supreme Brownie Mixes - Reg. $17.34, Sale $15.00 (3 .75/2 MFCs from Coupons.com) $10.50
3 BC Warm Delights - Reg. $7.50, Sale $5.00 (.50/2 MFC from a package) $4.00
2 Skippy PB - Reg. $5, Sale $4 ($1/2 MFC from paper) $3
4 Suave Shampoos - Reg. $7.56, Sale $6.68 (2 $1/2 MFCs from this week's Red Plum) $4.68
4 Suave Deodorants - Reg. $8, Sale $6.68 (2 $1/2 MFCs from this week's Red Plum) $4.68
2 Q-Tips - Reg. $5.98, Sale $5 ($1/2 MFC from this week's Red Plum) $4

Total Presale: $67.49 (oops- really over calculated!)
Total OOP: $36.86
OYNP Earned: $30.00
Net: $6.86

I was going to get 4 Suave Body Washes but they were out. So I got 4 Suave Deodorants and an extra Warm Delight to make sure I went over my total. I went very over my total! That's okay though - sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

Even though this isn't a money maker or a break even scenario - I love having brownie mixes in the house. I make them for family gatherings and whatnot. Heavens know I'm not making brownies from scratch. Some of this stuff might end up in my next round to the food pantry. I'm not really smitten with Suave Deodorant. It was virtually free though. Hopefully someone can get use out of it.


vfolsom said...

Great shopping! I'm loving Shaw's this week so much! Planning on hitting them later again.

Anonymous said...

This deal is so addictive that it is scary. I have to leave my Shaw's card and coupons at home so I can relax for the rest of the week - 4 times through I am net oop about 18 bucks (I am subtracting the 30 in cats I am holding onto for next week) for about 200 worth of stuff. And I have about 8 bags of stuff for my local food pantry. WIN WIN WIN!
Cheap Trills are the best kind!

Bargain Becky said...

This stuff is such a blessing! I keep my coupons with me so I can hit them up really quick if I'm out and about. Usually I plot all my perishables when I know I'm going straight home.