Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shaw's Deals 8/28 - 9/3

Here are the pretty good deals at Shaw's for the week of 8/28 - 9/3. Not all deals are mentioned. Just the ones that I think are pretty good. See the entire circular and print Shaw's coupons at Shaw's Coupons HERE.

$20/$5 Catalina (Back Page)
- These have almost always worked on Pre-Sale Prices (PSP)

$1 Items
Betty Crocker Brownie or Cake Mix
Green Giant Boxed Veggies ($2) (Coupon at

$1.33 Items
Progressso Soup

$1.50 Items
Betty Crocker Frosting
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits

$1.67 Items
Chex Mix($2.39?)
Cheerios Snack Mix
Bettty Crocker Warm Delights (.50/1 MFC at

$2 Items
GM Cereals - Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Total
Green Giant Steamers
Green Giant Select Frozen Veggies

$2.50 Items
Fiber One Yogurt ($2.99)
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks ($2.99)(MFCs from paper and
Nature Valley Granola Bars (MFCs from paper and

$2.89 Items

3 Day Deals (Friday-Sunday)
London Broil - $1.79/lbs
80/20 Ground Beef - $1.99/lbs
Eastern Paula Red Apples - $1.98/lbs (3 lbs bag)
Dozen Eggs - .99
100 oz Tide - $9.99 ($1/1 MFC from P&G Year of Savings Book, P&G Coupon insert coming this Sunday)
Tropical Floor Plants - $8.88

Ice Cream $4 Cat (Buy 4 of the following, get $4 OYNP)
Edy's Ice Cream - $2.50 (Buy 4, Get $4 off your next purchase)
Haagen Dazs - $3
Drumsticks - $3
Edy's Fruit Bars - $3
Edy's Dibs - $2.50
(There should be $1/2 MFCs out there from past papers)

Post Cereal Deal
4/$10 ($4 Instant Coupon on flyer)
Included in Sale: Honey Bunches of Oats (a bunch of varieties), Shredded Wheat, Honey Combs, Raisin Bran, Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, Selects, Grapenuts, Grapenut Flakes.

Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.79/lbs
LOL American Cheese - $4.99/lbs (Go to BJ's - it's $3.49/lbs regularly!)
Hillshire Farm Links - BOGO Free

Peaches, Nectarines, Plums - .99/lbs
Cut Watermelon - .59/lbs
Ready Pac Bistro To-Go Salads - BOGO Free

Land O' Lakes Spreads - $2 (.55/1 MFC from paper - Doubles!)

Gorton's Seafood - BOGO Free
Chef's Catch Stuffed Clams - BOGO Free
Lindy's Italian Ice - $2 (.50/1 MFC from paper - Doubles!)

Lays - BOGO Free
Barilla Pasta - $1 (Shaw's Coupon, A bunch of $1/2 MFCs from paper)
Drake's Snack Cakes - BOGO Free
Wonder Whole Grain White or Kid's Bread - $2 (I buy a 2 pack at BJ's for $3.19! Have I mentioned that a BJ's membership is GRRRRREAT?).
Dole Fruit Cups - $2 ($1/3 MFC from paper)
4C Bread Crumbs - BOGO Free
Cinnabon Bars - $2 ($1/1 MFC from paper)
Cheez-It's - $3 (.75/1 from - Doubles!)
Wise Cheeze Doodles - BOGO Free
Jolly Time Popcorn - BOGO Free

Check out The Grocery Gathering to find other great blogs to supermarkets all over the country!


Momma and Her Doodle said...

Thanks Becky,
Gorton here is a IP coupon to make the BOGO deal even sweeter :)

My two year old loves these especially withketchup to dip it into... and any Shaws coustomer after this weeks has more than enough ketchup for a while!

I love you site... we are local in Leominster so not to far from you...


Bargain Becky said...

THANKS SO MUCH!! I just printed 2 to use tonight! I love me some fish sticks!