Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shaw's Catalina Summary

I'm pretty sick of Shaw's. I did way too many trips this week and I doubt I'll do any more tomorrow. Here's a quick summary of how I did (I also have regular grocery items in this total).

Total Before Savings: $388.16

Total Out Of Pocket (OOP): $100.07

On Your Next Purchase (OYNP) in my wallet: $35

Net: $65.07

Groceries bought that weren't part of Catalina: $22.88

Net Total of All Things in P&G and GM Catalinas this week: $42.19

I'm happy. I'm over budget for the week - but I'm so overstocked on laundry detergent, shampoo, frozen veggies, paper towels, toilet paper, fruit snacks, etc - it's all good.

How did you do at Shaw's all week? Leave a comment if you know your Pre-savings totals and your OOP totals! Remember - it's still not too late - this sale is good through tomorrow.


Momma and Her Doodle said...

Hey Becky,

I am a bit over budget this week too but I have to say "rolling" the CATS was/is fun! I have plenty of side dishes, filler bars, cereal, bisquick, shampoo, deoderant and laundry detergent to make it through the winter!

THANK YOU for your awesome senarios!


SavvySuzie said...

I have enough cereal to last to the end of the year :) I only did the Unilever deal but I posted my transactions here:

Celeste said...

I did a final round today. I got:

2 Cascadian Farms cereals (this is one of those things that was on that SlickDeals spreadsheet...most CF products were part of the deal) - psp 2@4.99 = $9.98
4 Betty Crocker Supreme Brownies (discovered the ones that come with frosting...YUM!!) 4@2.89 = $11.56
2 Fiber One bars 2@3.79 = $7.58

I did the psp math quick in my head on this one and when I got to the register it rang up as $29.12 psp...yikes! I panicked and there were some All detergents on a nearby endcap so I ran and grabbed one.

1 All @ $5.49

PSP Total = $34.61
- 5.13 Shaw's savings
- $7.70 MFC
- $16 cats ($1 was from buying Skippy in a previous cat)
OOP total = $6
Cats earned = $15

I ended up doing 5 rounds so far and I think I'm officially done. I don't have the final total though. All I know is I'm WELL stocked!

BabiesandBargains said...

318.43 I paid oop 36.24 89% off!

hopeng said...

Here are my figures:
Pre sale - $112.2
Post sale $74.97
Coupons used $27.9
Total out of pocket- $47.07 - $30 in catalina's rolled ($17.07)
Still have another $10 in catalinas!

Bargain Becky said...

Great job ladies! I hear you on the laundry detergent Staci! I have 11 containers in my basement!

Have fun with the Kraft promo this week! Thank goodness you can only do it once - I'm burned out. Still have to do the Kellogg's Fuel for School one....