Friday, August 7, 2009

Roche Bros Deals 8/7-8/13

The following are good deals at Roche Bros. for the week of 8/7-8/13. Not all deals are mentioned, but these are the ones that I find to be pretty good. Check your circular for all deals this coming week. See your local Roche Bros. circular HERE.

**Kellogg's $10 Rebate**
Most things are on sale for $2.50. Match up with 5 of the $1/2 MFCs that have come and you can get your total down to $20 and get $10 back by check. Comes out to $1 per item.

Eggo Waffles are on sale for $1.50 ea. These are included too on the "Buy 10, get $10 back" from Kellogg's. If you can find 5 $1/2 Eggo coupons, you'll pay $10 for 10 boxes of Waffles and get $10 back by mail. This equals FREE, but you have 10 boxes of waffles. That's a lot of waffles!

Corn - 12 ears for $1.99
Cantaloupe - .99
Whole Watermelon - $3.99
Green Peppers - .99/lbs
Green Beans - .99/lbs
Grapes - $1.49/lbs
Cucumbers - .50 ea

**Coupon in circular for $2 off a package of Certified Angus Beef Porterhouse Steak!**
Petite Sirloin Steak - $2.99/lbs
Food Club Bacon - $2.50
Boneless Pork Chops - $1.99/lbs
Kayem Fenway Meat Franks - BOGO Free
Tip Steak - $2.99/lbs

Brigham's Ice Cream - $2.50 ($1/1 MFC from paper) $1.50

Bertolli Olive Oil - BOGO Free
Roche White Bread - $1
Nature's Pride Bread - $2.50
Wishbone Dressing - $1.67 ($1.25/2 MFC from paper)$1.04 ea

Tide 50 oz - $4.99 ($1/1 MFC from P&G Year of Savings) $3.99

Check out The Grocery Gathering to find other great blogs to supermarkets all over the country!

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