Friday, August 14, 2009

Roche Bros Deals 8/14-8/20

The following are good deals at Roche Bros. for the week of 8/14-8/20. Not all deals are mentioned, but these are the ones that I find to be pretty good. Check your circular for all deals this coming week. See your local Roche Bros. circular HERE.

**Roche Bros. is a great chain supermarket that offers a huge selection of organic foods. Even though I'm not all about organic foods, I know a lot of people are. Their entire back page of this week's flyer is dedicated to their organic line "Full Circle." If you shop Whole Foods or Trader Joe's due to the organic selection, try out Roche Bros. Their prices and selection may surprise you. Roche Bros. selection of organic produce definitely tops all grocery stores in the Boston area.**

Blueberries - .99/pt
Plums - .99/lbs
Nectarines - $1.49/lbs
White Grapes - .99/lbs

**$2 Off a package of Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin Steak coupon in flyer**
Chuck Steak - $1.99/lbs
Cumberland Gap Ham Steak - BOGO Free

Edy's Ice Cream - BOGO free
Lindy's Italian Ice - $2 (.50/1 this week's Red Plum - DOUBLES!) $1!

LOL Eggs - $2.50 ($1/2 MFC from paper)
Florida's Natural OJ - $2.50
Roche Bros. Gallon Milk - $2.69

Skippy Peanut Butter - $1.40 ($1/2 MFC from paper) $1 ea!
Roche Bros. Premium Bread - BOGO Free
Country Kitchen Wheat Bread - BOGO Free
Food Club Apple Juice - $1.50
Francesco Rinaldi Tomato Sauce - $1.25!
Nestle 24 Pack Water - $3.99 ($1/1 this week's Red Plum)

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