Sunday, August 30, 2009

MA Residents - Rebate from National Grid

We went and scored ourselves a new refridgerator at Lowe's yesterday. We were able to score 10% off. But something I didn't know (and maybe other refridgerator hunters aren't aware of) is if you get an Energy Star rated Refridgerator, National Grid in Massachusetts will give you $50 back. Click HERE to see the info on the National Grid Refridgerator Rebate.

Another great rebate National Grid is doing this year is MassSAVE program. National Grid will pay 75% (up to $2,000) to get your home insulated, air sealed, or other weatherization services! 75% is a lot! Click HERE for information on this program.

And yet another program (that I might actually do too), is the second refridgerator/freezer turn-in. Although it's great to have a freezer in the basement, it's very old and who knows how much "juice" it's sucking up. We don't use it often, and we bought a slightly bigger refridgerator than our current one, so I really don't think we'll need it. They'll give me $30 for this old clunker (as long as it's 10 cu ft.). Click HERE for info on the Second Refridgerator/Freezer turn in program.

There are a couple other rebates out there from National Grid, so tinker around the site a little if you are thinking of upgrading anything in your home soon.

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