Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheap Crafts For Kids!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Thrifty Craft Mama is awesome! Being cheap - oops, I mean frugal, I'm always searching for free or cheap stuff for my kids to do. My 3 year-old likes doing a daily craft. It's usually something messy and gross like painting. He's just not that into drawing. Gluing popsicle sticks to foam boards is another good one he likes to do.

Thrifty Craft Mama posted a post about adding food coloring to glue and letting the kids swirl it on up. We did this yesterday and my 3 year-old loved it. Surprisingly, it wasn't that messy and what little stuff my boy got on the table was easily cleaned up with a Magic Eraser.

Today the kids hit the jackpot - Free address labels came in the mail! I'm not sure how we get so many free address labels (well I'll admit - about 5 years ago, we actually sent $5 to one of the charities that mailed them out to us. Ever since, we get bombarded with them from everyone and their mother). So I pulled out some construction paper and they had mad sticker fun. Now our refridgerator is decorated with address label art.

So see - not only do awesome coupons come in the mail, but free crafts do to! Pardon the lack of shirts - since it's so hot and since I hate doing laundry, I'll let them go shirtless. Why not? They're boys, right?


catherine said...

shirtless little cuties doing crafts! love it.

MaryAnne said...

How exciting to see your son making the glue craft! My kids love those free address labels too :)

Little Lovables / Jeweled Ambrosia said...

you would probably like the blogs chasingcheerios and zachaboard (both on blogspot)

they have tons of ideas like this!!

I like your idea of the food coloring with glue, I'll have to try it for my 3 year old!

Lori said...

Will is always shirtless..
Yesterday I let him squirt shaving cream on the table and we spread it out with out hands and drew in it with our fingers, it eventually disappears and is so simple to wipe up. I bet Ben and Tom would love that. You must have some free shaving cream laying around.