Saturday, August 8, 2009

BJ's Discipline

So I'm back down to having about 7 diapers again. I've been bad about the whole diaper stock up thing lately. Thankfully, I have 2 of the $5 off any box of Luvs diapers coupons from BJ's. I'll have to stop there today and get those. I think the Luvs boxes at BJ's are one of the best diaper values out there. I get size 4 - the box is $29.99 and there are 180 diapers in it. This equates to about 5 1/3 packs of diapers that you buy at the drugstore (assuming 34 per pack of size 4s). So with the $5 off, it comes to $24.99 or about $4.70 a "pack". Think of when Pampers or Huggies go on sale for $8.99. I think some people have issues with Luvs - but they catch my kid's poo and pee just fine.

I'm thinking of taking advantage of another coupon in the BJ's Journal. There is a great one - Buy Glad Trashbags (I think these are about $11 for 120-150 garbage bags), get a 4 pack of Glad Snack Bags for Free. (I assume the Snack Bags are $7.99 - I think that's what the normal sandwich baggies go for). These would be great for us since I seem to be always putting goldfish or cereal in sandwich bags and always think "gee, smaller bags would be nice." Even though I'm sitting on about 50 garbage bags at the house, you can always use garbage bags.

So here I am, waiting to go to BJ's and hoping I can get out of there with just my 3 items. Wholesale clubs are great if you know what you are doing and have the discipline to just grab what you need and get out. Those frozen mozzarella sticks always tempt me though. It's amazing that I have issues with breaded frozen cheese.


Momma and Her Doodle said...

Hey Becky,
We are another LUVS family, that purchases our diapers at BJ's. I have that exact coupon on my fridge clipped and ready to be purchased. Great minds think alike!

Stacy, Central MA

Bargain Becky said...

Isn't the Luvs a pretty good deal? I lucked out since I found a BJ's Journal in a cart when I went 2 weeks ago. I'll have to grab another box before it expires!

Leslie said...

I just wish BJ's were closer and it's your fault. You've started me looking at their grocery section, where I never went before. Milk is so much cheaper there, and I can find Olivia's Salads and Chiobani Greek Yogurt. Their bagels are so good and cheaper!

Yep, it's all your fault, Becky, all your fault! Good thing the one in Leominster has gas pumps so I can make up some of the cost for gas (grin).

Bargain Becky said...

Ha ha!! So Sorry Leslie! Do you have a Costco near you at least!?!! I can't even place Leominster in my head right now. Near Fitchburg?