Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tis The Season For Candied Sweet Potatoes!

In my oven right now (yes, I actually turned my oven on today), is candied sweet potatoes. I didn't follow a recipe (insert husband saying "Why don't you just open a cook book and follow a recipe for once?"). All I did was boil some sweet potatoes, peel them, slice them, placed them in a greased glass dish with some Smart Balance butter and brown sugar. Now they are baking.

Some Center for Blah Blah Blah ranked the Sweet Potato as the #1 best vegetable out there. I did read the article but didn't retain any other information other than "#1" part. (It's been a long day). Here...Read it HERE.

So why am I tell you this? Well I just bought a 3 lbs bag of Sweet Potatoes at BJ's for only $1.49!! Why are they so cheap? I mean - that's 50 cents a pound. Do they even get that cheap around Thanksgiving time? I always thought anything under 99 cents was good. So Sweet Potatoes are good for you. BJ's is selling them dirt cheap. Go. Eat. Save. Be Healthy.

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