Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks Shaw's! I just scored some great discounted produce!

I just went to a Shaw's that is not my "normal" Shaw's. I'm not really impressed with this Shaw's that much (okay...I'll give in - it's the Star Market in Quincy Center). Why don't I like it? I don't know. For starters, it's set up "backwards" from my normal Shaw's. Secondly, the parking lot is scary. Every time I go there, either I almost get hit by someone or I almost hit someone with my car. Thirdly - it freaks me out that the frozen stuff is in the middle of the store. It's a nice store - but it just doesn't jive with me.

But I had a great experience there today! First, we walked by the seafood counter and some kind customer shoved a live lobster in my 3 year-old's face. He loved that. Secondly, I didn't almost get hit by a car and I didn't almost hit anyone. Lastly - Mr. Produce Man put out this cart of marked down produce - and there was some flipping good stuff on it! Most noteably were packages of Diced Butternut Squash. These puppies go for $3.99 regularly - but they were all in the $1.25-$1.40 range! I grabbed 3 and shoved them in my freezer. They weren't even all gross or anything! So remember - make sure to check out the discount produce cart in your local supermarket! You'll never know what you will find!

Bravo Star Market! You made me happy today!


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky - What is up with Shaw's parking lots? I hate the one on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield - do you rememeber that one or were you a S&S girl when you were growing up?

Bargain Becky said...

Oh my goodness. Yes. That parking lot wins the award for worst parking lot ever. Back in the day, Black Rock Turnpike wasn't as built up as it is today. That CVS there used to be a Fairway Beef but that burned down. Shaw's was a Shop Rite or some other chain that was bought out by Shaw's. That TJ Maxx by McKinley (spelling?) Elementary was actually an A&P. I was afraid to go in there. I forgot what the Gap/Old Navy used to be - but it was boring and nothing of value in life. I think Trader Joe's was once a Woolworth's or something other "pre-Walmart" drugstore. I remember going there, but can't remember the name.

Bargain Becky said...

Speaking of Black Rock Turnpike - I miss Duchess. I could go for some of that now. Duchess is one of the Top 5 things I like about Fairfield.