Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh Dear...Another Guest Post (at BeCentsable!)

So I made yet another attempt at a guest post. Click that long link there to read it. This one is more my "how I became into coupons" story. I'll admit - it's a little fruity. I'm just not a writer. It's very hard for me to be serious. I say it's harder to be serious than to give birth (but I'm a strong believer in epidurals).

I love BeCentsible! I actually follow them mostly through Facebook. Not only does Katherine post great deals and freebies, I think her Grocery Gathering is by far one of the best tools on the internet. For those that don't know what the Grocery Gathering is, I'll briefly explain. Katherine set up this simple page that just lists alphabetically tons of grocery stores (including commissaries) across the country. She depends on bloggers like myself who list weekly deals that they think are good. So then if you email her with the stores you are doing, she'll add you to the list. She depends on you to actually do it every week though (and so do the many other people out there in internet land looking for weekly deals).

This is such a great resource for those who want to get into saving money - just go to the Grocery Gathering on BeCentsible and scroll down to the store you want to go to. Most posts are just summaries of the best deals to be had at each store with coupon match ups from internet sources and if there is a known paper coupon. You'll see bloggers from your area who actually write up posts every week! I do Hannaford's, Roche Bros, Shaw's, and Stop & Shop.
Many thanks to Katherine at BeCentsible for her hard work on such a great website!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Becky! We're all a little crazy!