Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No. Really. I Didn't Buy a Vending Machine.

Total Before Savings: $98.07
Total Preferred Savings: $37.87
Total Coupons Used: $18.04
Cash OOP: $42.16
Total OYNP Earned: $9.00

3.06 lbs of Chicken Breast - $6.09 ($1/3lbs at Shaws.com)
2.38 lbs of Shoulder Steak - $4.74
2 Itty Bitz Ice Cream - $1.34 ea (BOGO Free MFC)
2 Ziploc Sandwich Baggies - $2.50 ea ($1/2 MFC from paper - made sure to grab the "20% More" boxes containing 120 bags vs. 100 bags)
2 Ragus - $2.29 ea ($1/2 MFC from paper) $1.79 ea
1 Big Ragu - $2.99 (.60/1 MFC Doubles from paper) $1.79
5 PopTarts - $1 ea WYB 5 ($1/5 from Shaws.com, $1/2 MFC) .60 cents ea!
2 Totals & 2 Multi-Grain Cheerios - 4/$10 (2 .75/1 Total & 2 .75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios all double (from Coupons.com) $1 ea - plus - I earned 2 Free Milk Coupons (up to $4.50 ea!)
21 Yoplait Yogurts - .50 ea (3 "Free" Coupons WYB 6 yogurts) .42 cents ea
2 Wacky Mac - $1.25 (.50/1 from Paper DOUBLES!) .25 ea!
1 Tomato - .62 cents
1 Iceburg Lettuce - .99
2.25 lbs of Grapes - $2.23
1 Green Cabbage - $2.03

Notes (lots of them):

- Okay. There was a .50/1 MFC for Wacky Mac in the paper. I know they are online for .75/1. I still used the paper ones because a quarter for a bag of pasta is still a good deal. I couldn't let those coupons go to waste!

- Shaw's. Seriously. Whoever redesigned your receipt system should get the can. Why mess with perfection? The Shaw's receipts used to be the best by far. They would group your groceries by category (produce, meat, dairy, etc.). Then, not only would it list the regular price, it would list the preferred savings AND the sales price. This new system DOES NOT show the final price per item. Just the Regular price and what the savings are. There are all these 8 digit codes that are matched up with each item on sale. This means nothing to me. I don't want to see it on the receipt. Anyways. I'm just complaining because I hate when people mess with perfectly good stuff. Plus, this new receipt design makes it harder for me to blog my grocery trips!

- The Ziploc baggies. Got to make a note. I went down the "baggie" isle to grab 2 boxes. I did. 100 count each. But right there on the end cap, there were a bunch of "promo" boxes that were part of the $2.50 sale - but they had 20% more baggies in them. So 120 baggies instead of 100. I swapped them out. Make sure you look at the quantity of the item you are buying! You may think you are getting a good deal, but you may get even a better deal if you keep your eyes peeled.

- Impulse purchase of this trip was the steak. It looked good. It was cheap. It will make my husband happy.

- For reasons unknown to me, The register spit out 2 "Free Milk" Coupons when I bought my 4 boxes of GM cereal. Not sure why. Makes this deal extra good since I spent $4 OOP but got $9 worth of coupons from it.

- I got my #1 Superstar Cashier Heather last night. If I was the manager of my Shaw's, I would promote this girl to Assistant Manager. She's nice, but not annoyingly nice. She's smart, fast, can enter coupons better than anyone. She's the curly headed redhead I have talked about in the past.


Total Before Savings: $109.58
Total Coupons Used: $20.49
Cash OOP: $89.09

1 box of Much Needed Baby Wipes - $15.99
2 pk BJ's Apple Juice - $4.69
2 boxes Power Bar Protein Plus - $14.99 (BOGO Free from BJ's mailer)
30 ct box of Right Bites Cookies - $10.79 ($2.50/1 from BJ's mailer) $8.29 (.27.3 cents per snack)
50 ct box of Brach's Fruit Snacks - $5.99 (this equals $1.20 per 10 ct box) (.12 cents per snack)
1 24 pk of BJ's Coke (will the husband realize the difference?) $4.99 ($1 off from BJ's mailer) $3.99 plus $1.20 in deposit
30 count Frito Snacks - $8.69 ($2 off from BJ's mailer) $6.69 (.22.3 cents per snack)
50 count Frito Snacks - $10.49 (.21 cents per snack)
1 lbs of Land O'Lakes American Cheese - $3.32
1 lbs of Wunderland Bologna - $2.77
1/2 lbs of Genoa Salami - $2.89 (Bologna & Salami were husband's request)
Dole Mixed Fruit Cups - $6.99 (4 packs - these are usually $2 or $2.50 on sale at the grocery stores - $1.75 at BJ's)


-I had to stock up on lunch stuff for the husband.

- I bought the generic coke to see if he'll notice. He hasn't said anything yet. I'm sure a phone call this afternoon will come ;). I'll just play all stupid housewife and say I got confused because both BJ's Coke and Regular Coke have red cans.

- I'm going to do a follow up post about the cost of taking one's own lunch. My husband takes his lunch everyday. We had a good stock pile of stuff going on - but it has just dwindled down to nothing.

- While searching for places to store my packs of junk, I found a box and a half of devil dogs and a box of Nutty Bars. Score some more junk food for my husband's lunch!

So yeah, I spent $131 last night when I only had like $20 left in my hopeful spending. This is why I don't budget. I'm bad at sticking to goals. Stay tuned for my "The Husband is Really Good At Bringing His Lunch" story.

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