Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New England Milk Coupons and Dairy Savings!

One of the hard things to ever get coupons for is milk. And milk product. Why? Cows are cheap. They know we are going to buy their products because let's face it, dairy is delicious.

In case you missed my many babbles about how awesome buying milk at a wholesale club is, well I'll enlighten you once more. Buy milk at BJ's or Costco. I'm not sure of the exact price of a gallon at Costco, but the 1% I pick up at BJ's is $2.11. Last time I checked at Shaw's, it is normally $3.69, but was on sale for $2.49. Some CVSs have gone down in price a lot. The prices vary a lot by region. My CVSs seem to be sitting at around $3.19 a gallon or maybe even $2.99. Others have reported that it's as low as $1.99.

Well if you don't shop the wholesale clubs, check out some of these local New England farms' websites for special deals. Thanks to Teresa in Maine for pointing some of these great offers out!

Oakhurst Dairy (Maine) - Join their Oakies Club and your child will receive a coupon for a free 1/2 gallon of milk every birthday until they are 13! Mootastic!

HP Hood - They have coupons for their dairy products! Ice cream, milk, cream, sour cream, etc!

Garelick Farms - Fill out this form and get a $1 off any Over The Moon Milk or Fat-Free Half & Half.

Pilgrims Pride - This is more eggs, chicken, etc. But if you fill out the form, coupons will come your way!

Do you know of any other coupons or promos at places like this?

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