Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mall Excursion!

I went to the mall today. (Hint Hint: I was at South Shore Plaza). I've been losing my mind lately. I don't even know what the psychological term for it is - "crazy" is the only thing that comes to mind. Well anyways...

My husband called me today to let me know he got his paycheck (I'm the accountant in the family so I like to know the numbers). Well, he had 44 hours of overtime on it. If you do the math - 40 hours of regular time plus 44 hours of overtime = 84 hours at work. So then it dawned on me - I'm going crazy because my husband has been gone 80+ hours a week for the past 2 weeks. To the mall I went to spend his hard earned overtime! I deserved it!

Of course, when I go on a "mall excursion" - I'm still not spending money like I'm a Rockefeller. I don't think I even hit $100 today. I'm frugal as a fly always because I'm insane. Here are some good deals I found through purchasing or just perusing with my lads:

- Gap. I went with my 30% off Gap coupon. Me + Gap = Not Good. I just don't jive with The Gap. I don't really like their stuff but I want to like it. Plus, I think I gots myself a little too much junk in my trunk to look good in anything from that store. I gave my coupon to some lady. She seemed happy. This is my charitable deed for the month.

- Payless Shoe Source. I'm going to a wedding this weekend. With the dress I picked out for it (which I think is a little "not classy enough" but oh well. Look at me!), I could possibly use Lime Green shoes with it (which I'll never wear again). So I went there. I found a pair of Lime Green Shoes for $7 (orig. $17.99). Score #1! Swung by the Toddler section. Found a pair of velcro sneakers on sale for $5 (orig. $17.99). Score #2!

-SEARS!!! Go to Sears NOW! I went to Sears. They're doing their additional 50% off or whatever clearance stuff. I got like 20 things for $60.

Best Deal:
Toddler Carter's Gym-type Shorts (still a lot there). Reg. Price: $12. Clearance Price: $6.99. Ringing Up Price: $1.79.

Other good deals:
I actually bought some ORGANIC t-shirts! They have all Earth friendly logos on them too. ( brand). Original Price: $14.00 Ringing up Price: $2.39

2 piece outfits were ringing up at $4.19 - Original price was $20.

These 2 shirt combo things (a t-shirt and a polo shirt) were ringing up at $2.99. Original price was $18.00

I bought some shirts for myself - Original price was $20 - ringing up at $4.99.

I went to see the softer side of Sears and I was pleasantly happy with it. All Land's End Clearance is an additional 30% off already reduced prices. They had lots of nice bathing suits and stuff like that. I'm not preppy enough to wear Land's End. Maybe when I'm older and mature a bit.

- Lord & Taylor. If you need a formal dress for anything soon - check out Lord & Taylor's clearance racks. There are 2 HUGE ones and the dresses are so nice. All dresses are an additional 40% off the sale price. I found one I liked which I tried on but didn't fit me right (small boobs and big hips makes dress shopping blah). Now granted it was still expensive - Ticket price: $180. Clearance Price: $125. Ringing up price: $75. But come on. Every now and then you might need a really nice dress for something or other.

- Disney Store. The Disney Store had all kids bathing suits slashed to what appeared to be $5.99-$7.99. They had cute girl ones with Tinkerbell on them. Of course Lightning McQueen as seen on almost all the boy ones. They had a lot left. So if your kid is a Disney fanatic or you want to get some for next year, check them out.

- Macy's. I thought they were blah. I'm not a fan of this Macy's. I miss the Burlington Mall Macy's.

- Zales. Okay. So we scoped out a ring for my husband on the internetz. It was $179. Since I was at the mall, I figured I'd just buy the ring. Interesting tidbit: The same exact ring that we saw online was $139 in the store. $40 cheaper at the store, Why? I don't know. It was the same one we saw online (14 K, 4mm basic yellow gold band with nothing fancy on it). I looked at the website again when I got home, and the 10K, 4mm online is $139 - but the ring I got was 14K, 4mm - which is $179 online. Whatever. I don't know. $40 savings in my book. Plus, I get to make the husband an honest man again.

So that was my experience at the South Shore Plaza in a nutshell.

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Wow Becky, some great ahopping going on, but please give hubby a break!