Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Got My "Free" Backpack At Staples!

I went to Staples last night to pick up my desktop computer (it was getting a system restore). I dropped it off when they were doing their 50% off all tech services. In the morning, I was all mad because I called to see if it was ready yet (I dropped it off June 21st or something like that). The man said "ahhhh, we'll do it this morning and you can pick it up and pay this afternoon." I informed the man (okay, yelled at the man) that I already paid. He told me there was no record of it. This made me mad since I'm irresponsible and couldn't find the receipt. So I get off the phone. At 7:30 pm, I didn't hear from them so I called again. Stoner Joey was working and was all like "oh yeah, it's ready. Come pick it up." So I told him that I already paid but the other guy in the morning was saying I didn't. Stoner Joey was all like "Oh yeah, I believe you. Just come in and sign it out." So I raced over there while I knew the laid back guy was there. I forgot my $3 in Staples Rewards coupon, but I saw the backpacks. At first I said "Oh no, I'll come back with my $3 and go to my "normal" Staples."

Then reality set in and I knew if I wanted to get back to Staples, I wouldn't. So I grabbed a blue backpack for son #1 who is going to pre-school in September. I paid $15.74 for it, but I should get at least $14.99 back in Staples Rewards for it (I doubt they give you back the tax in Staples rewards). So if you, your child or someone you might know needs a cheap backpack, send them to Staples! I love the Staples Rewards coupons because I can always find something at Staples - like printer ink. You can never have too much printer ink (especially if you frequent often!). This "free" backpack offer ends Saturday. I thought the selection was already kind of picked over - and as in all things retail, there was a much better selection for girls than boys.

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