Monday, July 27, 2009

Fruits of My Labor!

I picked my first tomato from my garden the other day. It was delicious. I have what appears to be more coming! My grape tomato plants are getting crazy big! My zucchini plants are crazy too but the slugs have waged war on me again. Slugs are gross. Surprisingly, my tomato plants all seem to be bug free. Cucumbers? Oh who knows. They are like the Energizer Bunny - they just keep going and going.


Anonymous said...

wow, lucky girl! We still have many green tomatoes, tons of cukes, and green beans up the butt1

MaryAnne said...

Garden-grown tomatoes are the best!

Queenbuv3 said...

That's great! I have lots of green tomatoes, teeny weeny cukes, summer squash and green beans. Hopefully, I will be eating my FREE organic veggies soon!! I will be doing a garden update tomorrow so check out my blog for photos : ) Will you be doing any garden photos? I'd love to see them!

Paula said...

Congrats on your ripe tomato. lol..

I have lots of green tomatoes. I have lots of zucs still coming on. Picked some green beans for the second time and gave to my mom. Only a few cucs have come on.

It doesn't take much to make us happy does it?