Thursday, July 23, 2009

Free Fun Fridays - Franklin Park Zoo!

Tomorrow's "free fun" is Franklin Park Zoo! Be sure to take advantage of FREE admission tomorrow! While there, consider purchasing a membership or donating. Most people know that the zoo is facing financial problems do to possible state budget cuts. I'm torn on this - I mean, they are filming a major motion picture at FPZ staring Kevin James (Zookeeper). Shouldn't they be getting a pretty penny for this? If not, I think they need to tell the film makers that they need some more dough! On the flip side, why does the state have to mess with the zoo? Come on Deval and Massachusetts! Keep the zoo happy! Heavens, it's the only thing that gets people to go to Roxbury these days.

Well anyways. Go to the zoo tomorrow. It's fun. We bought a family membership in April for $59. We've gone to the zoo about 6 or 7 times already. 2 times to Stone Zoo in Stoneham, once to Roger Williams in RI (you get into a bunch of zoos for free with your Zoo New England membership!) and a handful of times to Franklin Park. Well worth the money - and a good cause!

Click HERE to see the entire summer schedule of FREE FUN!

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