Friday, July 17, 2009

A Calling For All Gardeners!

I would post pictures of my garden now, but being the slacker I am, I haven't made it to Staples to buy a memory card reader (even though I said I would do that about 4 days ago).

Once I get my pictures uploaded, I'll do another post! I'd love to see how other gardens are doing though! (Plus, I'm trying to experiment with Mr. Linky). If you have recent pictures of your garden up on your blog, leave the link! Thanks!


Queenbuv3 said...

I have to do update photos of my garden this weekend. I will definately send you a link.

Anonymous said...

No pictures (no blog) but we just ate our first two zucchini's (grown from seed thank you very much!) and there are two more just about to pluck. Our tomatoes are teeny, teeny and few and far between still. I live south of Boston and as you know the rain, oh the rain, put us back last month so I am just starting to see some growth. Never thought it would happen. My basil is also still really small--maybe 4 inches.

I just saw the first signs of eggplants sprouting on my two plants.

So, not much yet but I see promise!

Be patient (and give them some extra fertilizer!)