Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stop & Shop!

Total Before Savings: $54.30
Stop & Shop Savings: $18.29
Coupons Used: $11.94
Cash OOP: $24.07
OYNP Coupons Earned: $4.75

**I used that 5% off your total purchase coupon that came in the mail. That saved me $1.27**

1 S&S Hot Dog Buns - $1.67 (FREE S&S Coupon) FREE!
2 Dozen Brown Eggs - .99 ea
2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergents (50 oz or 32 Loads) - $2.50 ea ($1/2 MFC, S&S Doubler) $1.50 ea!
5 Dole Pineapple Cups - $2 ea ($1/2 MFC, $1/3 MFC, 2 S&S Doublers) $1.20 ea PLUS I got .75 OYNP coupon for buying Dole products!
2 1 lbs Strawberries - $2 ea
2 lbs bananas - $1.36

Edy's Catalina
2 Dibs - $3 ea ($1/2 MFC, $1 S&S Doubler) $2 ea
2 Edy's Ice Creams - $3 ea ($1/2 MFC) $2.50
Total Ice Cream: $9, but received $4 OYNP coupon!

Things From This Trip:

- I went to get the $1.79 ground beef - they didn't have any! BLAH! I was too lazy to get a raincheck.

- I went to Stop & Shop at 7 am in the morning with my two little ones. It was very peaceful and empty.

- I couldn't let the doublers go to waste - we were fresh out of ice cream, so I thought the Edy's deal would be good. I might actually use my $4.75 OYNP coupons on the P&G deal next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so you got the last of the brown eggs. :-)
I forgot my coupon...mine was 10%off! But I bought a boatload of stuff...$85 to start and $35 after coupons and sales. I love a good bargain or two or three!

Thanks for the reminder about the coupon. I might try to run by tomorrow and grab my free item.


BECKY! said...

Hey Andrea! My store was overstocked with eggs! I'm mad I didn't score some ground beef! We eat more hamburgers than we really should.

This week's free item is Gatorade! Kind of blah if you ask me - but free is free!