Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Newpaper Mulch & Other Garden Junk!

So I saved 3 Sunday papers for mulching. I finally got the energy to go and shread them. Though a little time consuming, it was a relaxing activity. Here's how I did it:

1. I grabbed an extension cord and my paper shredder and headed outside.
2. I took my newspaper and folded each piece 3 times or something and then shredded it.
3. I put the shreds in my wheelbarrel here:

4. Then I took my hose and hosed it all down (if you don't hose it down, it will probably blow away.

5. Then I laid it around some plants. It's kind of like spaghetti. Honestly, if you are going to be mulching with shredded newspaper, you will need A LOT.

The above 2 pictures show what 3 Sunday papers cover! I didn't do the glossy ads. Since most of my plants died, it's not a big deal. I like how it came out so far. I still need a lot to finish covering my garden. I'm hoping that this shredded newspaper will help the soil get better for next year. It's been very unseasonably cold here in Massachusetts. I mean, I think it dipped down the low 40s the last day of May at night.

Want an example of other cost saving ways to garden? Here you go! Obviously my tomato plants are far from needing a stake yet. But my husband broke down this old wooden picture frame and was going to throw it away. I grabbed the two longer pieces and hammered them in place. The prettiest thing you've seen? Nah, but it's cheap and saves space in a landfill.

And lastly...

I'd like you to meet phase 2 of my garden. Son #1 loves looking at the seed packets when we go to Lowe's or garden centers. He brought me a carrot packet and just kept asking me. I caved it. So I told him to pick out one more - and he picked watermelon. About a week since planting and I think ever single pod has sprouted!! It's amazing. thankfully I have a ton of room in my garden since a lot has died.

And I can't forget about Mr. Pumpkin. We actually bought this a long time ago, but I finally got around to planting it with the son. Not exactly sure where Mr. Pumpkin will go when he's ready for transplanting.
So there you have it! As of June 3rd, I have 4 squash plants left, 3 almost dead cucumbers, and 6 tomato - but 1 is not doing so hot. I'm hoping to shredded every Sunday afternoon to add to my garden - if you happen to know me and see me and have some newspapers laying around, hook me up!


Lori said...

we have tons of papers we get one everyday and two on Sundays. They are all yours.

Paula said...

This is all looking good. The lucky thing for us in our areas is we can plant for a few more weeks yet because it is still cool out.