Friday, June 5, 2009

My Stop & Shop Catalina Scenario!

Okay - I have plotted out one possible scenario for the S&S Catalina Deal. I'm in desperate need of feminine hygiene products, so this is good for me. Not free, but a good deal. I have 2 of the P&G Year of Savings books so that's how I make this work for me. If you have a good stash of coupons, you probably already have a lot of P&G coupons - but if not, don't worry! More are coming Sunday!

6 boxes of Tampax - $3 ea (6 $1/1 MFCs) $2 ea ($12 for 120 Tampons)
5 Dawns - $1 ea (5 .50/1 MFCs DOUBLE) FREE!
2 Pringles - $1.50 ea (Going to try the $1/1 Select Pringles Product Q) .50 ea!

Total OOP: $13.00

I have $4.75 OYNP coupons, making this $8.25 - plus you get $5 OYNP. Not too bad. Then I'll have a huge stash of tampons and dishsoap. It's truly what every homemaker desires.
ALSO! I have that free Gatorade coupon and 5% off my purchase. Wowzers!

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