Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hannaford's Deals 6/19-6/25

The following are good deals at Hannaford's for the week of 6/19-6/25. Not all deals are mentioned, but these are the ones that I find to be pretty good. Check your circular for all deals this coming week.

Mini Watermelon - $1.99 ea
Peaches - .99/lbs
Broccoli - $1.49/lbs
Russet Potatoes - .79/lbs
Fress Express Garden Salad - .99!!
2 lbs Strawberries - $3.69
Jazz or Cameo Apples - $1.29/lbs
3 pack Organic Romaine Hearts - $2.49

Top Round Steak - $1.89/lbs (3-4 lbs packs)
Southern Style Pork Ribs - $1.29/lbs
Turkey Pastrami (at Deli) - $3.49/lbs
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs - $1.99/lbs
Colonial Sliced Bacon - $2.89
London Broil - $2.49/lbs

Dannon Yogurts - .50 ea
Blue Bonnet Stick Margarine - .99
Hannaford OJ - $2.50

Hood Ice Cream - $2.50 (Buy 2, Get a FREE pack of Hannaford Ice Cream Cones)

Hannaford's Salad Dressing - .99
Goldfish - $1.79
Hannaford BBQ Sauce - .99

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Heidi said...

there's a little coupon book in the store that says "summer savings $9 of coupons inside" and there's a store Q inside for $1/2 goldfish. makes the goldfish sale this week even sweeter!