Friday, June 26, 2009



I just found a BAT in my sons' room - so I'm freaking out. I ordered myself some free paint to calm me down while waiting for the doctor to call me back (rabies shot needed?) and trying to figure out how much to "de-bat" our house will be.

Many thanks to the Glidden company for calming my nerves during this extremely difficult time! ;)

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Leslie said...

Just about every house has bats. They get under the siding or in and out under the eaves. Spray your husband with bug repellent and send him out to sit quietly some night before sunset; if he's quiet and still he may see where they exit the house. Mass Wildlife has a pdf on their site "HomeOwner's Guide to Bats". If you contract it out use someone licensed but be prepared to pay. We were quoted $800 for our very small house.