Friday, June 26, 2009

Dig The Helpers?

You dig the Hamburger Helpers? I grew up on the stuff. I don't really make it that much. Mostly due to the fact that if I buy hamburger meat, I like to make tacos or hamburgers with it. I know this sounds crazy, but I also find it's a little too salty for me. I do like to have some of the Tuna Helpers in the house at times just as back up for when I just really don't want to cook much or we don't have anything else. Plus, I think it's good.

They just came out with Asian Helpers. These are on sale at Shaw's for $1 ea until 9/10. Just the Asian ones. I haven't tried them, but I just picked up a box for no real reason than I was being impulsive. has a .80/3 coupon - this doubles making each box a whopping .47 cents. Sometimes it's good to have this crapola in the house for the "ugh...I don't feel like doing anything tonight." Plus, I think most husbands are pretty good at making these Helpers.

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