Thursday, May 7, 2009

April Recap

I spent $448 in April. Spending since 1/1/09 is $1,362. I have saved $2,042 since 1/1/09 by shopping sales and using coupons.

Previous Monthly Spending:
March: $305
February: $305
January $304

I went over my monthly goal - but I'm looking at the big picture. Still under $100 a week which was my original plan since the first of the year.

- Birthday spending really put me over the top. I realized that we really do not entertain ever. We might have some people over - but we'll get pizza or grill out.

- I'm in such a bargain and coupon slump. I hope to get out of this. This happened last year around this time and I popped back up to speed in July.

- In May, I'm going to focus a little more on eating healthy while staying on my grocery budget. I feel blah these days.

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