Friday, April 10, 2009

Zoo New England!

I read my junk mail. Like all of it. First, I like to rip up all the credit card things because I have no idea who can order credit cards with my info. Secondly, I learned a lot of junk mail isn't really junk mail - it's a lot of coupons. Well marketing worked it's way with me. I got a letter from Zoo New England (Stone Zoo and Franklin Park) - offering me 14 months of zoo membership for 2 named adults and 4 children - for a measly $59 (Reg. $70 for 2 adults, 4 children). I bit. We actually go to Stone Zoo quite often, but I always reserve the pass from the library. But it's just sort of a hassle to pick it up and return it. I know - that sounds foolish, but the older I get, the lazier I get.
I'll have to say though - in a way I enjoyed giving my $59 - it's good to support places like the zoo! It's tax deductable too! And if my math is correct, $59 for 14 months is $4.21 a month. Plus, as a member, you get in to other zoos for free or half off - like Buttonwood Zoo in New Bedford, MA, Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island, Beardsley Park in Bridgeport, CT - as well as 140 other zoos across the country.
Do you want to take part in this offer? Click HERE to go to the discount page (if you enter through their homepage, you will see the regular prices). If you buy your pass before May 15th, you get 2 extra months (that's how I figured out 14 months). What other awesome places around here offer unlimited trips for only $4.21 a month for a family of four (or up to 6 if you have 4 kids!)?? Not many that's for sure!


homeschool mamma said...

Roger Williams Park Zoo has recently made a lot of improvements. Great Zoo-we have a membership. We go a lot even when we just need to get out of the house. The surrounding park is gorgeous and there is a greenhouse, boathouse, carousel, music theater, planetarium and history museum.

The Sensible Organizer said...

It is a great deal. My girls are older now but I got one a few years ago. That pass should get you into Roger Williams for pretty cheap too. I love that Zoo because the park is gorgeous and my girls always loved to ride the carousel.

Kris said...

I had that thing sitting on my kitchen counter for like a week while I was trying to make up my mind about doing it or not. I ended up throwing it away figuring next year will probably be better timing for me. Even though the kids love the animals! It is a good deal, especially if you are able to get there a lot!

BECKY! said...

Sounds like we'll have to make a day trip down to RI this summer! RW Zoo sounds great!

Kris - I was thinking the same thing last year! I wanted to join, but my kids were too young to really get it. I ended up going probably 4 or 5 times to Stone up in Stoneham.