Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Didn't Do CVS, But I Farted Around With My Plants

CVS shall come soon. I hope. It was really hot yesterday, my boys were beat, and I thought it was time to give my plants a bigger home.

The zucchini seems out of control. In the morning I realized my plants are growing like crazy. Now I know we still have frost in the evening here - but I think if I plant on or around May 15th, I should be okay. I'm going to have to Google that because I honestly don't know when the last frost is in Massachusetts. Feel free to let me know if you happen to know.

So yes. In the morning, I went outside and rummaged thought my recycling bins. I wasn't going to buy plastic containers to transplant. I had a gazzillion things I was able to use. If you want examples of what to use, I used water bottles that I cut in half, pudding cups, and some old Ziploc containers that were nasty. I also used 2 containers that both held 2 lbs of ground beef. My neighbors must love me - rooting all through my trash and all.

From left to right: Cucumbers, Zucchini, Yellow Squash and my Grape Tomatoes are still hanging out in the disc tray since they are still small.
I went to Lowe's and bought potting soil. $7.32 for a 32 quart bag. I didn't need 32 quarts at all. I don't even think I needed 16 quarts. I'm hoping to save the rest and plant some flowers in a few weeks.

So far cost of garden:
Seed Starter Tray - $6.97
Seeds - Roughly $5 (I don't remember)
Potting Soil - $7.32
Little fence I didn't put up yet: $7.18 (will be used in future years too)
Total so far: $26.47

This is pretty much where my garden is going to go.

I'm trying to do an improvised Lasagna Garden - I threw down cardboard and newspaper. Then I threw down some mulch and I'm going to figure out the rest today. I have to rewater it before I continue. It was hot outside yesterday and the kids only give me so much time to do stuff.


MaryAnne said...

I'm really impressed with your garden. We tried a garden last year and failed miserable. We're sticking with a single potted blueberry bush this year, and maybe we'll get brave again next year. I don't know when the last frost is in MA, but I do know that we planted too early last year (towards the end of April I think) and killed a bunch of our plants.

I love your use of recycling as planting containers, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you did really well with the seed starters, and wasn't energetic enough to do that. In NW Ohio its May 15 th, tip from my husband don't plant any plants above the ground to early, but seeds like green beans, carrots ect. can go in a little earlier. How do you plan on keeping out the weeds this is a big issue for us?

BECKY! said...

I pretty much failed too last year MaryAnne! But I'm going full force this year!

Apparently, laying cardboard and newspaper helps control the weeds a lot Marilyn. My neighbor always dumps his grass clippings on top of his plants after every mowing so I'm hoping to do that too. We'll see how it goes. It seems impossible to do this with two little ones - but ladies in the olden days used to do it, right?

Lori said...

I am impressed!! I can't wait to see the veggies growing in a few months. I hate bugs way to much to have a big garden. You should have seen/heard me when I was getting the leaves out of my very small front flower bed, but the flowers are happy now and growing.

Paula said...

Becky I think you are doing very well and I started my layering (no pictures yet my daughters camera is having issues). The first part of my series has the zone planting for frost.

Put some peat moss down on the newspaper, then some grass/leave clippings and add some compost/manure if you have it. Then some peat moss and you you are pretty ready to plant. After you plant you can add some mulch/clipping and keep the weeds away.

I think you startings look wonderful and I can't wait to see what you get out of your garden.