Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Bug That Hit All New Englanders Is Killing My Budget!

So - in February, I had a lot of diapers. I mean a lot. At one point, I had 13 packs (what, 34 or 40 in a pack?) and 1 1/2 cases (180 per case) of Luvs from BJ's stocked up. That might have been in January though - I have no idea! Now? 2 packs. That's it. Granted, my 18 monther had the poops most of March thanks to that plague that affected everyone and it's mother here. So now, I must cough up money for diapers. I'm going to do the Huggies deal at CVS this week. That will score me 2 or 3 packs depending on what I get. I honestly didn't know I was so low until I cleaned out their closet today. I have enough wipes to last until they hit puberty, but diapers, no.

Which leads me to refer a great blog - Baby Cheapskate! This is actually the first blog I have ever stumbled across in my life. I never really knew what blogs were until a couple years ago. Each week, lovely Mrs. Baby Cheapskate posts where to find the best diaper and formula deals. Isn't that great! She also posts a ton of great deals on other baby crap. She's on my blog roll or you can click her current weekly Diaper and Formula deals HERE.


vfolsom said...

what about the Walgreens diapers that are on sale this week! I love the premium ones in the green packing 2/$9

Anonymous said...

Becky, I found this site that gives you money back on some products that you buy, including Huggies diapers ($.75 a package).

Donna, in NH

Kara said...

Lizzy is blowing through my diaper stash right now. Ugh. I think I've changed her diaper 10 times so far today. If I can get out of the house this week, I'm definitely hitting up the Huggies deal!

BECKY! said...

I've done Caregivers Marketplace before! Last year they gave $1 per pack. It was nice. Now - blah. I've only bought Pampers so far this calendar year so I have to start saving the Huggies receipts.