Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Total OOP: $35.84
2 Gallons of Milk - $2.21 ea
3 quarts of Half & Half - $1.99 ea
1 pack of Hamburger Buns - $1.99
1 Pineapple - $2.89
1 2 pk of Apple Juice - $4.69
1 Tropicana OJ - $5.29
1 32 pack of Coke - $8.99 ($1.60 for deposit)
I went for milk, half & half and juice. I grabbed some more stuff. The husband has been complaining about the lack of Coke. Being a homemaker, I need to make my man happy.
The pineapples are a little bit more expensive than the ones that were on sale at Shaw's the past two weeks -but I have to say, BJ's quality of pineapple is much better than Shaw's. Plus, I think Shaw's pineapples are back up to $3.99. I'm not sure though.
Milk prices fluctuate - A LOT! In January, it was $2.59 a gallon ($4.39 at Shaw's). It was once down to $2.08 a gallon at BJ's. Now back up to $2.21. I think Shaw's milk is sitting pretty at $3.69 a gallon. CVS advertises milk at $3.19 a gallon. Oh and I'm talking 1%.


BabiesandBargains said...

I have a freebie day with them. I should use it!

MaryAnne said...

Do you ever shop at Costco? If so, I'd love to hear how you think they compare...

Costco milk dropped down to $1.99 for a couple weeks, now it's back up to $2.08 or $2.09

BECKY! said...

BB - You should use it! Just don't get suckered into buying a 3 lbs box of mozzarella sticks! ;)

MaryAnne - I used to shop Costco. But I moved a year ago so the closest Costco is about 12 miles whereas the BJ's is about 2 miles. I'd assume their prices are similar - I think Costco is more trendy and has fancier stuff (platters, weird fancy food that I'm unsure of). I think BJ's has more of the basics. I might be wrong though.

Lori said...

BabiesandBargains there is a free 60 day pass for BJ's on www.smartsource.com

Becky the pineapples at shaws are back up to 3.99 and I needed milk and it was 3.69. It was cheaper for me to buy it there then to make a bj's trip. I don't think I could walk out of bj's with just milk. Too many impulses :) And I was too lazy to go to Tedeschi's.

BECKY! said...

Lori - I'm surprised you didn't mention my son attacking me with a curtain rod in the picture!

Thanks for the info. I'm sometimes "lazy" too and just grab milk at Shaw's. Sometimes it just makes sense.