Monday, April 13, 2009

Are Coupons REALLY Worth It?

Have you ever asked yourself if coupons are really worth the hassle? I like to think of myself as sort of "average" as far as my grocery habits are concerned. I'm not all gung-ho organic or healthy, but at the same time, I'm not really buying Hamburger Helper, Stouffer's prepared meals and Chef Boyardee all the time. So since I know I'm not the healthiest shopper (or eater!) out there, I've also convinced myself I'm not the worst.

We're sort of entering a time when it's "cool" to cut coupons and be frugal. I really have no idea what individual reader habits are on this blog. Are they fellow couponers? Do they stumble on from a Google search just to see some freak who photographs her groceries? Do they want to learn how to maximize coupons to their advantage? Who knows. It seems like every day there is some sort of story involving grocery savings in the newspaper or on the news. Which made me think - is all this couponing I'm doing really worth it?

I went through and added up all the coupons I have used since January 1st. I included the Shaw's "On Your Next Purchase" coupons and CVS ECBs - why? Because these are are essentially paper money coupons and lots of people do just toss these in the garbage. How much have I saved with little pieces of paper over the past 3 1/2 months? $968.11. That's on average about $64.54 a week. I have been documenting and usually photographing all my grocery purchases since the 1st. The "really good trips" and the "not so good trips." They are all out there for the world to admire.

How does this compare to my spending? Here I break down the last 3 1/2 months more:

Coupons Used: $968.11
Store Sale Savings: $917.89
Cash OOP: $1173

Coupons have saved me 32.2%. Store Sales have saved me 30%. I've gotten $3,059 worth of groceries since January 1st for $1173. I do think coupons are very worth it! I was even able to use a Manufacturer's Coupon on CHERRY TOMATOES yesterday! Look at me getting all healthy like...


The Sensible Organizer said...

They are most definitely worth it. Like you said throwing those coupons away can be like throwing cash away. Especially if it is on something you were going to buy even without the coupon. I used to be brand loyal and only use certain coupons now I realize how much more I can save by being flexible. I also love being able to get so much more for the food pantry.

Anonymous said...

Becky, yes, I do use coupons, but remember, would we really be buying the product if we didn't have the coupon? Staples rarely have a coupon.

Katy said...

Way to analyze it Becky! And yo- they are sooooo worth it.

Becky- throw a poll up to see who your readers are!