Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What My "Stash" Looks Like

After reading a bunch of blogs about saving and trying to only spend a certain amount on groceries - I find a lot of people are either in shock that someone can actually only spend say $50 a week on groceries.  Or people are convinced that bargain shoppers have bomb shelters full of spaghetti, cereal and canned beans to keep them nourished.  I currently have no groceries stored in my basement (or anywhere else but my kitchen).  We've actually lived here for over a year and I have never stored groceries in my basement (it's a disaster zone down there).  I feel like we have a big stash, but as you can see from my pictures - I def. have room for more staples! ;)~ This is all the food in our home except for our refrigerator.     

Above the refrigerator - cereal and "baking".  I say baking loosely because heaven knows I don't really bake.  Adding oil, eggs and water to some pre-made mix is the extent of my baking.

A pantry cabinet filled with mostly snacks, some cans, a basket of utensils and my plastic/aluminum foil type stuff.  See that basket I pulled out?  Whenever I buy fruit snacks, bars, or whatever snacky things that come in boxes, I just dump them in there.  The boxes take up so much space.  I think that basket can fit roughly 100 packs of random snacks.  

Top of our pantry cabinet.  Most of our food.  I guess it's pretty deep - but I can see some shelf which is pretty amazing for me!

Small cabinet with spices.  I guess I have a lot of spices.  And a lot of sprinkles.  I probably could organize this better but I'm too lazy.  

Above the stove.  My gazillion packs of Sweet N' Low, extra coffee, and of course, an emergency box of Oreo Cakesters.

Corner cabinet.  Yeah.  This cabinet needs work.  It's a mish mosh of coffee, cocoa, random food, coffee cups and random things that I never use.  

Another mish mosh.  Cat food, tea, more sprinkles.  This cabinet needs help.  Those poor toothpicks and food coloring on the top shelf are lonely.

So there's my "stash".  My freezer is currently stocked with about 20 lbs of meat and a bunch of vegetables.  Currently having this much food stashed away enables me to spend on average less than $70 a week on groceries.  And of course part of that $70 includes replenishment of this stuff.  So personally, I think we're pretty well stocked for us, but I don't think it's "that much."  Maybe I'm in denial!  How do you think your stash is holding up??


Katy said...

LOVE the full disclosure! I keep thinking about doing this, but I'm scared to show my basement!!!

Tanya said...

I've been meaning to take a picture of the stash of my CVS finds. Thanks for sharing!

PS - I would love it if you would share this deal on your site: http://cvs-saver.blogspot.com/2009/03/220-diapers-for-only-123.html - thanks!!