Monday, March 30, 2009


I actually went to Walgreens - and surprise! I'm going back later on today! The 69 cent Easter eggs lured me in. It's actually not too bad. I go in for photos but I never look in the isles. The people at the one I go to are actually all really nice and I played stupid with the register rewards program and the cashier (who was a beautiful red head like myself) briefly explained it to me and told me that I can really make out if I know what I'm doing. Mrs. RedHeaded Walgreens is my favorite person of the day.

3 bags of plastic Easter Eggs - .69 ea (reg. .99)
2 boxes of Life Cereal - 2/$5 ($1/2 MFC) Earned $2 Register Rewards = $1 a box!
2 Hot Wheels Cars - BOGO @ $1.39 ea

Total Before Savings: $14.75
Coupons Used: $1 MFC, 2 Walgreens Ones
Total: $7.53
Earned $2 Register Rewards

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