Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tis Prom Season...Time For Ebay!

You know those dresses you bought to go to weddings?  Or dresses you bought because you were in weddings?  Or if you're part of the younger crowd, those dresses you bought to go to proms?  Well guess what?  Prom season is fast approaching.  Let's face reality - you probably won't wear those dresses ever again.  If you know you won't and want to free up some closet space and earn some loot, now is the time to sell them on Ebay!  Dresses are great because they are pretty lightweight - so shipping costs aren't too bad.  

Are you not the Ebay type and just want to get rid of these dresses?  Consider donating them to Belle of the Ball!  Anton's Cleaners and Jordan's Furniture are taking prom dress donations from now until April 3rd.  They ask that they be sort of trendy, but trendy is in the eye of the wearer, right?  

Info HERE:  Belle of the Ball!  Also, if you know a teenager who is planning on going to the prom but can't afford a dress, there is information on how to get her registered to pick out a free dress.  

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