Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summary of All Shaw's Coupons!

Today I realized that some people might be confused with all the random Shaw's coupons out there. Probably not but I'm at a lost of what to blog about. Here's different ways to score Shaw's coupons - and remember, since they are SHAW'S coupons, you can pair them with MFC's to get bigger savings.

1. Weekly Coupons. Click HERE to sign up or log into your Shaw's account. Once you do that, click the COUPON tab on the left side - that will generate a PDF file consisting of usually 1 page (but sometimes it can be 2, 3 or even 4!). Print and go shopping! CLICK HERE for this week's coupon page - but they expire tomorrow - so go back to get next week's. There are usually 2 or 3 "good ones" - they match up with sales and MFC's to help you maximize your savings!

2. Wellness Coupons. These come out once a month and the link is emailed to you if you are signed up with Shaw's website. The coupons are mostly healthy or organic stuff. But this week for instance, 2 liters of Pepsi are on sale for $1 each. There is a coupon in this Wellness PDF that states $1 off 2 Pepsi Max 2-liters. So .50 cents a 2-liter. That's great! Click HERE to see this PDF.

3. Ducklings Rewards. Have kids? Join Ducklings Rewards and they'll mail you coupons in the mail. Some are good - sometimes they include great coupons like $6 off $60 purchase. Click HERE to join or sign in to your Ducklings account!

4. Wild Harvest. Sign up to receive info, coupons and recipes from Shaw's featuring their Wild Harvest line. This is their Organic line of food. So healthy stuff. Click HERE for details. You need your Shaw's card for this one.

5. Shaw's Pet Club. Have a dog or cat? Sign up HERE to receive coupons and info in the mail for all things pet!

6. Shaw's and Smart Source. Shaw's even teamed up with Smart Source to provide a link to the Smart Source coupons from the Shaw's site! So when you log on to print your weekly coupons, check the Smart Source coupons right there too! Click HERE for a direct link to the Smart Source coupons. I believe these are the same coupons on SmartSource.com - but since you're at the Shaw's website, take the extra minute to see if you can save even more!

7. Service Desk. When you're at Shaw's, it might pay to just swing by the Service Desk and snoop around. It's okay. They won't bite you. My service desk has a bunch of MFC tearpads hanging out on one of the ledges. I don't know where they come from. If you like talking to people to, you can always ask them if they have any coupon books or anything of that nature.

Click HERE to get all those "FREE" coupons. Good from now until 4/30/09.


Kara said...

Did you get the Ducklings email today with all the coupons for free products? Wahoo! :-)

Katy said...

i am having an issue w/ this week's PDF- do you ever have trouble? i need me some kellogs coups!

BECKY! said...

Katy - I don't have problems with the PDF ever...maybe you have to update Internet Explorer? I hear that's a problem for some folk. I know there are Frosted Flakes coupons on Coupons.com ($1/2). I have 4 bags full of groceries to bring the food bank - apparently the husband isn't getting down with Hannah Montana cereal I bought 2 weeks ago! :)

Kara - my recent post is dedicated to you! ;) I would have never have known about that if you didn't comment! you rock!

Anonymous said...



And Kara and Becky, thanks for the awesome freebies!!!!!