Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stop & Shop!

Total Before Savings:  $44.48
Total Coupons Used:  $13.29
Total OOP:  $4.22 (Really $19.22 but I used a Mail-In-Rebate card)

2 12 packs of Coke - $3.34 (2 $1/1 MFCS with DOUBLERS) $1.34 ea plus .60 deposit on each
1 Simply Orange Juice - $3 ($1/1 MFC with DOUBLER) $1
1 Perdue Chicken Nuggets - $2.99 ($1/1 MFC with DOUBLER) .99 cents
2 Yo Plus Yogurt - $2 (2 $1.50/1 MFCs) .50 cents ea!
1 Wrigley Gum (not pictured) - $1.29 (FREE MFC) FREE!
1 Dawn Dishsoap - $1 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) FREE!
1 S&S Butter - $2.50
3 Containers of Strawberries - 3/$5
1.54 lbs Braeburn Apples - .99/lbs - $1.52
1 case of S&S Water - $3.33

It was odd being back in Stop & Shop.  Besides a quick trip around Christmas time, I haven't been in a while.  They lured me with the double coupons and I know I could have used them at Shaw's but I wanted to scope out S&S again.  

I'm only counting the $4.22 towards my spending because the $15 gift card was because of a Mail-In-Rebate I got in 2008 from purchasing 2 Olay products (good deal - it was buy 2 Olay products, get $15 back!  I found some eye cleaner with firming stuff for $7.99 ea!  So I paid $15.98 in December, but just got this $15 card!).  It would be different if someone gave me a S&S gift card, but this is different!  I seem to be making up my grocery spending rules as I go along!  

I'll get $1.20 back from returning the cans - so in reality, it was about $3 for me for this stuff.  But I take off the recycling deposit when I actually redeem the cans.  Also, the water was an after thought.  I knew I was close to my $15 needed, but I would have been under if the bottle deposit wasn't counted, so to be safe, I grabbed the case of water.  My husband was thrilled!  

Check out The Grocery Cart Challenge if you need some motivation to stay on track!


Kris said...

My question is, does the $15 they require to use the doublers have to be after coupons or before?

Katy said...

Sweet! I did well there last night too- then got home and forgot to put the BIG container of ricotta I got for 1.49 in the fridge. GAH. It went bad. GAH.

BECKY! said...

Kris - I think the $15 is AFTER coupons (Blah!!). But they have some good produce and stuff on sale this week to pull you over.

Katy! That sucks about your ricotta! I've left yogurts in the back of my car before. I always feel so stupid when that stuff happens!