Thursday, March 12, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $80.00
Total Coupons Used:  $34.26
Total OYNP Used:  $10
Cash OOP:  $17.64
Total OYNP Earned:  $10

$25/$10 Catalina

1 Bagelfuls - Reg. $2.50, Sale $2 ($1/1 MFC) $1
2 Triscuits - Reg. $3.29 ea, Sale $2.50 ($2/2 MFC) $1.50 ea
1 Munch Pack - Reg. $6.49, Sale $4.99 ($1/1 MFC) $3.99
2 Deli Creations - Reg. $4.99 ea, Sale $2.50 ($1/2 MFC) $2 ea

OOP:  $11.99, Earned $10 OYNP

7 Mentos Gum - Some $1.50, Some .75 cents (7 misc Coupons) $1.90 for 7 packs = .27 cents ea
1 Shaw's Bulkie Rolls - $1.99 ($1/1 Shaw's Coupon) .99 for 6
2 Ragu - BOGO @ $2.79 (.50/2 MFC DOUBLES) .90 ea
1 El Montery Taquitos - $5.99 ($1/1 MFC, $1/1 Shaw's Coupon) $3.99
1 12 oz Frank's Hot Sauce - $2.50 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES, $1/1 Shaw's) .50 cents
2 5 oz Frank's Hot Sauce - $1.29 ea (2 FREE MFC's) FREE!
1 Shaw's Ice Cream Sandwiches - $3.29 ($1/1 Shaw's Coupon) $2.29
1 Cascade Rinse - $4.49 (FREE MFC) FREE!
13 Yoplait Yogurts - 10/$6 ($1/10 Shaw's Coupon, .40/6 MFC DOUBLES, Buy 6, Get one Free) - .41 cents ea!
1 Shaw's Deep Dish Pie Crusts - $2.69 (Free Shaw's Coupon) FREE!
1 Shaw's Steamy Veggies - $1.79 (Free Shaw's Coupon) FREE!

Things I learned This Trip:

- The BLUE Mentos gum is on clearance at Shaw's for .75 (NOT GREEN!).  Match up with the $1.00/1 and .55/1 MFCs to make money!!

- I knew I'd drop some loot since we needed yogurt and Taquitos.  Yes, we NEED taquitos!  If you're a processed food junkie like me, it's good to know that $3.99 for a big box of taquitos IS a good deal!  Normal price is $7.99.

- Ice Cream Sandwiches were a splurge - but my son has been sick and I wanted a treat for whenever he decides to stop throwing up.  

-  My Shaw's was already out of the freezer books (MANY THANKS to Celeste at Itty Bitty Bistro for giving me one of her books!).  I wanted to get the Free lemonade, bagels and corn but they were all out.  Good thing they don't expire for a while.  

-  The price of Shaw's milk has gone down to $3.39!  

I'll be going back to Shaw's on Friday to get our St. Patrick's Day Feast stuff!  Great coupon on this coming week's flyer - Buy a corned beef, get potatoes and carrots free!  I usually cook corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, but since the husband will be working from 6:15 a.m. - 10 p.m. on Tuesday, I'm going to do it on Saturday or Sunday!  Have a fear of Corned Beef?  COOK IT IN THE CROCKPOT!  It's delicious!  I just throw the beef, potatoes, carrots and some onion in the crock pot with some water.  Then when we're about to be done, I boil some cabbage (and use some of the fatty juices from the crockpot).  It's superb!  


Celeste said...

2 things...When do those free frozen foods things expire? Maybe they'll restock?

Look for crock pot corned beef with potatoes and carrots on IBB tomorrow!

BECKY! said...

I could be wrong, but I think most expire 4/2.

Glad IBB is throwing the Irish some love!

deannahensley said...

You guys pay 3.39 for milk? Wow, ours is 1.99 a gallon down here, but I still pay 5.99 for the kids organic milk. Me and Stan will die from pesticides but I guess my kids will live forever!

BECKY! said...

I think the cows are in hibernation up here! ;) It's $2.08 at BJ's for 1% (we never did the whole milk thing). $3.39 at the grocery store. CRAZY!

You're such a good mom with your organic ways! I don't have an organic eating urge in my body. Actually, I'm hoping Tom and Ben go through puberty from all the milk hormones at the age of 7. Then they will be the cool kids with facial hair and stuff.