Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It's been posted on other blogs and stuff, but wanted to throw it out there - if you haven't already seen it, check out your Shaw's for some crazy Penguin with coupon flyers!  There's a TON of FREE coupons in that thing!  My friend Celeste from ITTY BITTY BISTRO was kind enough to give me one today.  

I looked through it a little and there are coupons for Free Shaw's Frozen Bagels, Free Hood Frozen Yogurt, and Free Shaw's Frozen Corn on the Cob.  I know there are others but I'm too lazy to look now.  Thanks Celeste and others out in Internet land for posting about this. 

Can't find the Penguin in your store?  Ask your friendly customer service desk person for the Frozen Food Coupon book.  If they look at you like you're nuts then it's probably best to just walk away.  


The Sensible Organizer said...

I was so sad today when I tried to use the Frozen Yogurt coupon and the cashier pointed out that it had expired 5/31/08. Makes no sense that it was in there. I didn't have time to bring it up to Customer Service. Maybe next time I will.

BECKY! said...

Ooh! Thanks for pointing that out! That's odd it's in there. Maybe it was a typo?? Anywho...thanks for letting me know!