Friday, March 6, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $30.41
Total Coupons Used:  $10.50
Total OYNP Coupons Used:  $10.00
Cash OOP:  $1.00
Total OYNP Coupons Earned:  $10.00

Spend $25, Get $10 Catalina
1 Deli Creation - Reg. $4.99, Sale $2.50 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) $1.50
3 100 Calorie Granola Bars - Reg. $3.49, Sale $3 (3 .75/1 MFCs DOUBLE) $1.50 ea
2 100 Calorie Oreo Cakesters - Reg. $3.19, Sale $2 ($2/2 MFC) $1.00 ea
1 Wheat Thins - Reg. $3.29, Sale $2.50
1 Triscuit - Reg. $3.29, Sale $2.50 ($2/2 cracker MFC) $1.50 ea

1 Quaker Quakes - $1.00 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES) FREE!!

My husband called yesterday afternoon to say he was going to be working late.  So I asked my boys if they wanted to go play the Shaw's game.  They seemed excited to have some afternoon fun.  I walked in with a $10 OYNP, dropped just a buck and walked out with a $10 OYNP.  My friendly express-lane cashier Chris was all like "Dang!  That's some serious savings!"  So I had to be all cool back and say "Oh yeah, this is what I do."  Then when the $10 OYNP popped out he eyed me like I was all shaddy.  I'm not shaddy Chris.  This is just what I do!


Katy said...

LOL! I love it!
So- question for you-
how do you know when an OYNP is presale prices or not?

BECKY! said... far, for the most part, every "Spend $$, Get $$" catalina has been pre-sale. I usually check the SlickDeals forum or Deal Finding Mom on the first day or two to verify.

That's also why I've started tracking the reg. prices in some of my posts - they go in waves and it's nice to have the regular price reference. Some prices are different in some areas or not so you have to watch out. I always have my cell phone whipped out with the calculator function verifying totals in the store. I probably look like some text messaging - when in reality, I'm trying to figure out my spending!!