Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shaw's! (All This FREE Stuff!)!

Total Before Savings: $87.97
Total Coupons Used: $67.19
Cash OOP: $9.79
Free Stuff
Viactiv - $8.99 (Free Coupon)
Motrin 24 ct - $4.49 (Free Coupon)
Children's Motrin - $6.99 (Free Coupon)
Listerine Smart Rinse - $5.79 (Free Coupon)
Children's Benadryl - $6.79 (Free Coupon)
Carefree Pads - $4.79 (Free Coupon)
Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash - $3.99 (Free Coupon)
Aveeno Lotion - $9.99 (Free Coupon)
Aveeno Baby Bath Packs - $5.99 (Free Coupon)
Other Stuff
2 Wise Snacks - BOGO @ $2.99 (2 .50/1 MFC DOUBLES) .50 cents ea!
2 cases of Poland Springs Water - $3.99 ea
2 Gallons of Milk - $3.69 ea (both Free from Cats generated from Kellogg's purchase yesterday)
Paid .82 cents in tax which doesn't really make sense - but I don't care! Probably from some of the things that had free coupons with them.
Click my post HERE to print off your own free coupons!


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky!
Thanks for the info.
I felt a little shaddy when I went to redemn them... The manager said that they don't redeem internet coupons, but I smiled and after they tried to call headquarters they redeemed them. It was a little embarrassing because one of my friends who is not a recessionista got in line behind me to "talk". Yikes. I am going to Shaw's two towns over next time they have a deal like this.
Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Wow thats amazing, how did you get all the free coupons?