Friday, March 20, 2009

Roche Bros!

Total Before Savings: $92.42
Total Coupons Used: $10.68
Cash OOP: $53.18
17 Dannon Yogurt - .50 ea ($1/10 MFC, B6G1 Free) - .41 ea
3 Hood Half & Halfs - $2 ea
1 42-count Fish Sticks - $3.99
2 Diet Dr. Pepper 2 Liter - $1.79 ea (FREE MFC up to $1.59) - .20 ea!
1 Colgate - $1 (.50/1 MFC DOUBLES!) FREE!
5 Del Monte Fancy Fruit Cups - $1 ea ($2/4 MFC, $1/1 MFC) - .40 ea!
6 Dole Snack Cups - $1.77 (2 $1/3 MFCs) $1.44 ea!
3 5-pack Kraft Mac & Cheese - $2.88 ea = .58 cents ea!
2 Royal Puddings - .67 ea!
1 Tomato - $1.12
1 head of Lettuce - .88 cents
.97 lbs of green grapes - $1.93
4 packs of 85/15 ground beef - marked $2.49/lbs but should have been $3.99/lbs - $11.16

Things I have Learned From this Trip:

- If I wait until 11:15 to go shopping, not only is it busy but I'm hungry.

- I went in to buy 5 things and ended up spending $53. I blame stress.

- I found some packages of 85/15 ground beef marked at $2.49 a pound. Others were marked $3.99 a pound. An ethical person would tell the meat guy. I just grabbed a few of the lower priced ones and went on my way.

- I was debating about the Mac & Cheese. We need it. We are out. BJ's sells a 15 pack for $9.99 - so since I grabbed 3, my Roche Bros 15 pack was $8.64.

- Even though I didn't "save" a lot - the meat doesn't show any "savings" on the receipt - so I feel like a bandit and did get my money's worth.

- My 3 year-old really wanted that refridgerated pudding. At $3.29 for a 6 pack, I decided to tell him that we can buy pudding mix and make our own. He liked that idea.

- My 3 year-old insisted on buying a tomato. Not sure why. So I grabbed a head of lettuce and I'm going to have salad with our pork tenderloin tonight. My husband will wonder who this new wonder is he calls his wife.

- Dole fruit snacks! My husband is a fruit cup snob. He refuses to eat generic fruit cups and is iffy on Del Monte. Dole is his preferred brand (he was probably spoiled from us living in Hawaii years ago!). Furthermore, he only will eat Pineapple. BJ's doesn't carry just Pineapple and the regular price on these is $2.99 so I like to stock up when I can! So even though I had coupons for these, I might go back and grab 6 more (it's a limit of 6 on those things).

- I wore my slippers by accident and wasn't ashamed one bit. In fact, I think I'll do it again.


Kris said...

It cracked me up that you wore your slippers because the other day I got the kids strapped into the car to go to Shaws, I sat down, turned on the car, started to back out of the driveway and realized I still had my slippers on! Because I realized this when I was still in the driveway, I didn't have an excuse to not go back inside and put on "real" shoes. I love slippers!

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