Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just a couple tips to help you save on doing your taxes this year:

1.  Did you make less than $56,000 this past year?  If so, you get to file your taxes FOR FREE!  Well federal at least!  Click HERE to get the scoop from our lovely IRS.  Oh, and you also have to be under 50 to be eligible.  Ha Ha Baby Boomers!  Our generation is taking you down!!!!

2.  Did you make more than $56K last year but STILL want to file for free?  Check out  Free filing for everyone and $13.95 for state returns.  I've never used this service so I can't comment on it.  

3.  Do you really like TurboTax or another service?  You can get 10% back on all purchases made at if you go through or other rebate sites.  Also, BJ's has a $10 off TurboTax coupon floating around out there.  

And lastly, remember if you paid someone or a tax service for tax preparation last year, this amount can be deducted off your taxes (that is if you itemize your deductions).  

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