Friday, February 27, 2009


I think I'm going to be laying low from Shaw's this week.  We really just don't need anything right now.  I might do the $20 CAT just to stock up on Folger's coffee. 

Anyways, I have stumbled across another New Englander blog - WICKED Cool   The Wicked Cool author has highlighted this weeks Shaw's deals for you HERE.  Just remember that some deals are regional.  For instance, one Shaw's near me has higher SALES prices than the other!  They are only about 5 miles apart and I'm right smack dab in the middle of them, but their circulars are different - and so are their sales prices!  Not for everything, but for somethings.  Craziness I tell you!


Michelle said...

Hey Becky,

Thanks so much for your great post on Wicked Cool Deals! I love Shaw's and save sooo much money there - it makes it so easy to write about them each week. I also do write-ups on Stop & Shop and the Price Choppah which are popular in Mass, RI and Ct.! I'm kind of the reverse of you - I grew up in Mass and somehow ended up in CT. Still not sure how that happened...thanks again. I enjoy your blog, and think Spring. Michelle

Katy said...

I'm doing the Folger's too. We are on our last container!

BECKY! said...

Hey Michelle - I don't think I ever heard of Price Choppah! Maybe it's an Eastern CT thing?! I should try to start working some deals at S&S since it's right up the street - but I find that I save much more at Shaw's.

Katy - it might be pre-sale prices for this CAT. I have to check slick deals to see what the pros are saying. If that's the case, the Folgers is reg. $10.99 here - so if you buy two for $11.98 (sale $5.99), use your MFC for $1/2, get your $5 OYNP, you're looking at $10.98 plus $5 OYNP for 2 33 oz containers of coffee!!