Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $42.55
Total Coupons Used:  $2.10
Total OYNP Coupons Used:  $20
Cash OOP:  $1.66

10 Starkist Tuna - .80 cents each
2 Small Shaw's Parm. Cheese - $1 ea
2 Shaw's Shredded Cheese - $1.99 ea ($1/2 Store Coupon)
1 Shaw's Hot Dogs - $2.79
2 Hormel Bacon - BOGO @$5.49
Mentos Gum - $1.50 (.55/1 MFC DOUBLES) .40 cents

I could have saved more if I bought the tuna in pouches - there were MFCs in the Red Plum this week (B2G1 Free).  But honestly, I have this unusually weird fear of tuna in pouches.  It just irks me the wrong way.  I think it's from the MREs I had to eat in the Marines.  

Overall, not exceptionally great - sure, I used my OYNP coupons on some things I actually needed, but I only used $2 in coupons!  And the Mentos gum was not needed!!  That's so not like me!  It was just kind of a blah week.

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