Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Is A Bargain a Bargain?

I went to Roxie's today.  The best little market this side of the Mississippi.  I spent $37 and nothing was on sale.  But look at some of the things I did get (and compare them to Shaw's pricing).

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders - $1.88/lbs.  Shaw's has Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts on sale for $3.99 this week.  
Pork Tips (like steak tips, but with pork) - $1.78/lbs.  I don't think these exist at Shaw's.  

Land O'Lakes American Cheese - $3.99/lbs.  It's $6.49/lbs. at Shaw's.  

Turkey Pastrami (very tasty!) - $3.49/lbs.  I have no idea what it would be at Shaw's.  Probably over $6/lbs.  

A big old Honking Corned Beef - $1.99/lbs.  It's only this price at Shaw's during the St. Patrick's Day sales.

Ground Beef (80/20 - I like my meat fatty!) - $2.28/lbs.  I think Shaw's is $3.59.  

Blueberries - $1.49 a pint.  This week they are BOGO at Shaw's so it's probably the same price.  

Bananas - 49 cents/lbs.  69 cents at Shaw's.

Red Peppers - $1.29/lbs.  At Shaw's?  Who knows.  Probably $3 if not $3.99/lbs.  

Purdue Chicken Shortcuts - $3.99 for a big box.  $9.99 at Shaw's.

A wise lady once said "It's not what you save, it's what you spend."  It's one of those Moms on my side bar (Deal Finding Mom, Frugal Mom, Money Saving Mom...I'm not really sure which one).  I guess I'm trying to see that now.  I don't have a fancy receipt showing that I got $438.68 worth of groceries for $42.57 - but I did get great deals just by purchasing my produce and meat at an alternative location than a super market chain.  

Oh no, don't worry!  I'm not giving up on Shaw's at all!  I cannot live by Pork Tips and Blueberries alone!  Sometimes it pays to give those Mom & Pop stores you drive by every now and then a serious consideration!!  

If I misrepresented Shaw's in anyway, please let me know!


Kris said...

Shut Up!! $3.99 for LOL cheese? We go through probably two pounds easy in a week here. I've been wanting to get to Roxie's since I heard you and Katy talking about it that night, now I need to go! I'll be there tomorrow.

BECKY! said...

We're addicted to American Cheese here (is it even really cheese?). Anyways - it's advertised at $4.99 a pound, but today, I got just over a pound and the lady wrote $4.07 on it. I know the LOL Swiss is on sale for $3.99 so maybe she got confused.

I got the Turkey Pastrami that's $3.49/lbs (forgot the brand) but it's awesome if you like that kind of stuff! I love salty meat!

Katy said...

I loooooove Roxie's. :)

Did you see the Purdue shortcuts for .99?! I am going back tomorrow with my $1 off coupons. :) Also the chicken nuggets for 1.99? I have acoupon for that, too! I was psyched to score the individual pkg chicken breasts for 1.99 after my coupon!

Roxie's is friggin' rad.

BECKY! said...

I got a 99 cent shortcuts too! The only chicken nuggets they had were the Buffalo kind and my kids didn't like them the last time I got them (they were 99 cents last time!).

I didn't even think you could use coupons there - but that's stupid thinking on my part!

The deli is wicked cheap at Roxie's. I spent over $14 on deli meat last Saturday at Shaw's and it was gone by Tuesday!!! I knew I had to change my ways!

Heidi said...

Becky, totally agree with you. I feel like it's similar at Market Basket: half the time I would spend less at MB than I would at Shaw's even during a sale and with a coupon! But I don't know the prices as well as you do... there must be a website out there that does price comparisons between stores' regular prices?
Great job at Roxie's... I'll have to scout around for someplace like that up here!

BECKY! said...

Heidi - I'm just some freak who can remember prices. OCD maybe? :)

For those of you Roxie fans - I tried the Pork Tips last night and they were GREAT! They were $1.88 a pound, but the lady marked them down when I checked out. I'll have to look out for those again when I go again in 2 weeks!

Kris said...

I went to Roxie's on Friday...spent $36 and got so much stuff. I could hardly believe some of their prices...$2.99 for a package of bacon?? And the good stuff too! The fruit prices were amazing too.

I'm going to make that place a weekly stop, there's no sense paying so much for cold cuts that we just blow through. It's worth the drive for me (plus all the little old ladies were digging the kids!).

BECKY! said...

Kris! Glad you trucked in to good old Quincy! I went last Monday (8 days ago) and I'm still sitting on a lot. I'm going to try to go through all of our frozen stash of meat before I do another purchase. Just so many good deals to be had there!!