Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Total Before Savings:  $45.27
Total Coupons Used:  $8.50
Total OYNP Coupons Used:  $17.00 ($5 Baby, $2 Hellman's, $10 Unilever)
Total Tax Rebate:  $1.60
Total Cash OOP:  $1.88
Total OYNP Coupons Earned:  $15.00

My husband thinks I'm crazy for buying 9 things of peanut butter and 13 things of tomato sauce this past week.  Thankfully, I don't listen to him much.  But I say to him, "Look at the expiration date!  All the Peanut Butter expires January 2010, the pasta sauce is August 2010 - It will all be eaten!"  Plus, I have developed a strong addiction to Muddy Buddies so all this peanut butter will be gone in no time. 

6 Skippys - Reg. $2.50, Sale $1.67 (3 $1/2 MFCs)
6 Ragus - Reg. $2.79, Sale $1.67 (2 $1/3 MFCs)
5 Lipton Knoor - Reg. $1.79, Sale $1 ($1/3 MFC, .75/2 MFC DOUBLES)

Pre Sale:   $40.69
After Sale and Coupons:  $17.50
Earned $15.00 OYNP Coupons

2 Basic Baby Shampoos - Reg. 2.29, Sale $1.99 ($1/2 Shaw's Coupon).  Bought this so I could use my $5 off baby purchase coupon.  


BabiesandBargains said...

Muddy Buddy? What is this? DH is a peanut butter lover...We go through a jar every 2 weeks!

BECKY! said...

Muddy Buddies are the greatest thing ever! So easy to make (I always make half the recipe and you can use any Chex flavor really - but Rice does taste the best).

Anonymous said...

are you able to use your $15 OYNO cats from the previous order on this order and still get $15 more to print? james brown

BECKY! said...

The simple answer to your question James is "yes."

After all my MFCs are scanned, I ask the cashier if I can use them. For the most part, they always take them.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much. i've been visiting your site everyday for the past 3-4 months and it has helped so much. greatly appreciated!! -JB